Play this record now! Mark Jungers is one of the finest Americana songwriters that we have & hit our radar at KNON in 2001 with his first record. Ever since then he has put out one wonderful record after another. This one too. We play the heck out of him. You won't be disappointed.
- Mark Mundy, KNON

Mark's eighth album, Sins & Plagues, was recorded during the plague year with the band (Adrian Scholar, David Goldsby, and Dennis Merritt) and features guest performances by Josh Flowers, Dee Bartlett, Susan Gibson, and David Schunk who also contributes a song.

As with all of Mark's CDs, there is no sameness to the tracks, but they all reflect a common life thread that connects. The songs were written over the course of 3 to 4 years, starting with "Big Water" after a major flood event in Central Texas. In fact, the art work on the CD is a picture of the flood at his property at the time: school buses floating by. The entire album was recorded there, upstairs in his two-story home. There are some dark and light songs on this album, cultural observations, songs about tornados, floods, pestilence, and tractors.