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Mark Jungers in Lethbridge

Minnesota bred, Austin based singer/songwriter Mark Jungers knows where he comes from, whether singing about religion or farming, his dog or living in a small town, you get the sense that he has lived his stories.

His latest CD "More Like a Good Dog Than a Bag Cat," is immediately appealing from the very beginning of the haunting mandolin line of "Show Me A Sign."

He has a very distinctive voice αΎ’ a mix of Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello.

The whole CD is a thought provoking and entertaining listen. I especially like "Wasn't Thinking," a quirky number reminiscent of fellow Austinites Ray Wylie Hubbard, Gurf Morlix and Blaze Foley. Another highlight is the upbeat "50 Head."

His lyrics paint vivid pictures and convey heart-wrenching emotion, especially on the wistful "Tired of Being Lonely."

His stories read much like a mix of Bob Dylan and Fred Eaglesmith.

Anybody who has ever had a dog, will love his song "Daisy," an ode to a dearly departed friend.

The mandolin is a highlight throughout, which gives Jungers' CD and old school, Willie P Bennett era Fred Eaglesmith feel. Jungers also plays some tasteful harp throughout. Jungers plays country which rocks, but not modern day Nashville country-rock-pop.

He has about as much grit in his voice as he does under his fingernails, which gives him the aura of authenticity which unfortunately means you probably won't hear him on modern country radio. Well it's their loss, our gain. If you want real country music, listen to Mark Jungers.

Richard Amery, L.A. Beat