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Standing In Your Way

American Rural Records

Americana type folk country rock with a bluegrassy feel.

This is real, honest to God Texas music. The swill that shallow, banal, drink-beer-till-you-puke posers call Texas Music is not the same thing at all. He knows what he is writing about. You can hear the similar musical roots between these tunes and that country-pop goop, but where they are a caricature at best, this has the energy without being frantic, this is a respectful derivation and not a warped mirrior. This cd should be included in songwriting 101. I never been quick to compare one artist with another, but cannot stop myself this time... think Slaid Cleaves with an edge, or Steve Earle acoustic.


Standing In Your Way is an engaging mix of high-energy country with bluegrass influences.Mark Jungers combines the spiritual voice of the black-land farmer with a weary, hillbilly mindset to create a distinct take on modern American populism. The writing, which sometimes plays off traditional rural themes and phrases, is strong. Jungers distinct vocals are convincing, and the music is solid all the way through!!!

Tom Geddie

It's pretty much inevitable. When you hear a singer/songwriter singing meaningful lyrics while strumming a guitar and playing a harmonica you're gonna think of Bob Dylan and compare the two. So many artists have faced this problem and ended up not being able to carve out their own niche. Think about Steve Forbert, for example. Great songs, good singer, compared to Dylan and totally disappeared for about ten years and only now starting to come back. He even had hits on the radio! Sadly, Texan Mark Jungers is going to face the same comparisons, and not only from me. Number one, he is a gifted lyricist with heartfelt, honest, meaningful stories to tell and the skill to tell them in an interesting way. Number two, the band he's got is quite skillful. Skillful and sympathetic enough to get out of the way when Jungers starts weaving his storytelling magic. Notice I did not write "just like The Band did" but, you know, it is just like they did when they backed Dylan. Number three, Jungers has got a very distinctive voice and style. While not as distinctive as Dylan's craggy old voice, I think I'd know it anytime I heard it now that I've listened to this CD. So what is Jungers going to do about this predicament? Hopefully nothing. As constricting as it is to be compared to a legend (actually he sounds a little like early Springsteen as well) it's Jungers talent and way with a song bringing these comparisons to light. Anyone into great songwriting with an equal mix of folk, country and rock is going to like this CD a whole helluva lot!

Scott Homewood, Freight Train Boogie