We Talk

We talk about religion till the middle of the night
We fight about our politics 'cause we all know who's right
We talk about your birthday till we all turn green
You talk about love, people don't talk much about that

We rattle on about philosophy and then you roll another joint
But you always seem to loose me man and then I forget my point
And it make me kinda wonder where you're goin' or where you are
'Cause i'd be there, and you'd be gone (2 timse)

Bridge: we've seen it all before, someone's thought to be a fool
Then you open up your mouth man and you give 'em all the proof
You start gettin' goin' like a hundred miles an hour
That's why you're always ridin' in the back seat of my car

If I say black darlin', I know you'll say white
If I say take a left, I know youll take a right
But deep down inside I know, what we agree
You talk about love, my baby knows a lot about that

Now i've had some theories and some thoughts and ideas
I've tried 'em and i've tested 'em and i've thrown 'em round for years
Everybody's got opinions, may be right but they can't be wrong
You talk about love, people don't do much about that (2 times)

From The Album
One For The Crow
American Rural Records

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