Won't Be Long

You should have seen those cars lined up and down that road
Lord I can't remember when i've ever seen a night so cold
And the looks on their faces while they were standing in the ditch
Just trying to get a glimpse of someone who was hit

We'd run those cars every friday night on that road just south of town
Flashlight was the signal and we'd push the pedal down
Engines were screaming, you could see our lights up in the trees
Now I can hear them asking if there's anything that I can see

Chorus: and I should have seen it coming, headin' straight down my lane
Lord I know, it won't be long for me

I can't be sure if I saw the flashin' light
It's all just a blur since the last time that I saw you
And if I was drinkin', well i'm sure I had a few
Now I wonder if i'm the one that they say is through


So if i'm gone, you carry on
And if i'm still around please get me out of here
Please be with me, please understand
I wish I could have shown you all the things I wished i'd said

Chorus: last line 3 times

From The Album
One For The Crow
American Rural Records

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