That's What They Say

They say she talks behind their backs
They say she walks between the cracks
They say good-bye & good-luck on the phone
That's what they say

They say that time is running out
They say the Mayans don't have a doubt
They say it's wrong & who would not agree
That's what they say

   But everybody's talking at the same time saying
   Something completely different to me
   That's what they say, that's what they say

They say you fail they say you win
They say now start all over again
You walk alone in my shoes
That's what they say

They say its you they say its me
They say I stand around too much on the street
They say she's wrong, he says she's right
That's what they say

   He probably never had a job and he never even tried
   You know they all just drink all day
   Dirty and lazy and half of them are crazy
   That's why they're living on the street
   That's what they say

They say it rains they say it pours
They say it's running from door to door
You stop the greed you stop the bleed
That's what they say

You hear them talk It's in their eyes
It's in their walk they're paralyzed
They like to dance all night long in the street
That's what they say

   Everybody's got to talk everybody likes to fight
   Everybody wants it their own way
   Everybody is wrong everybody is right
   Everybody wants it all for free
   That's what they say

From The Album
Ill See You Again
American Rural Records