Tired of Being Lonely

Tattoos on their shoulders and their always wearing chains
Always making fun of my friends and me
Never good at ball so I never got picked
Ain't much room in a town like this

The girls hair is pretty when it's fixed like that I dream of them on the railroad tracks
Never got a number I was too scared to ask
The only thing they wanted was too bum a cigarette

Why can't it ever be me, I'm getting tired of being lonely
Why can't I ever be the one
Why can't it ever be me

I never went to France 'cause I never had the doe
It doesn't bother me what the other people know
But I always wonder if anything would be different
If I was ever picked for the lotto ticket

So take my advise and think about it son
Don't ever let 'em stop you, don't ever hold a grudge
You'll never know where you think that you're going
It ain't a waste of time just never let them know it


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