Standing in Your Way

I found the truth, I saw the light
I've felt contentment i've prayed for and it rained down on my strife
I found some riches down in my soul
I felt redemption after I knew i'd lost control

Well it don't take much for a man to stop believing

What he thought was right yesterday
But there aint no turning back once you find out where you're at

'Cause there's just as much behind you as what's standing in your way

I'll tell it plain and I'll tell you now
I've done some things that I never thought i'd ever live them down
But I will say, no man's a fool
Who believes in what he thought was right and does what he ought to do

I've laid to rest half of my friends
I try not to let it bring me down
'Cause I wouldn't want that in the end
A rich man's dreams, i'd take a poor man's hope
'Cause me hope is all that carries on when my dreams burn up in smoke

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Standing In Your Way
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