Silos and Smokestacks

Talked to farmer mud a week ago today, he said things are headed south since his son moved away and with the price of fuel it's hard to make farming pay He sent his son to the city were the big lights are Where the somke stacks are bigger than the silos on the farm If you put your time in they'll take care of you He said tell what was I supposed to do when the tax goes up and the highway comes through, looks like this train's headed right off the track I'm sick and tired of watching my back one day the only thing that's gonna be left is Crumbling walls and silos and smoke stacks

Chorus: Silos and smoke stacks tornados and rain
Empty matchbooks still have a number and a name
Dust blows through here like it always did before
One day the only thing left is silos and smoke stacks

Well his son went off to the corporate wars and everything seemed to turn out fine Till one day some guy walked across the union line Well he handled him self like the city folks do He's looking for a job and gone back to school Just like the small town the factory shut down Well it makes me cry and I start to shake when I think about democracy And the long arms of capitalism around her neck I guess everything fades like everything has and once she's gone she ain't coming back And one day the only thing left is silos and smoke stacks


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Silos & Smokestacks
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