Show Me a Sign

I missed church on Sunday and I forgot to pray
Things went bad by Monday, figured I should have known
Some folks say there ain't no God with all the suffering in this world
Why wood he let these things go on, people doing what their doing

Show me a sign, have a little faith
Repent my sins 'cause I'm dying now
Shout out amen

Jesus saves its written, I see it everywhere I drive
I no longer read the bible, I just read the freight car trains
And every time I drive through town now, I'm scared to death of dying
On the rearview hangs the rosary, fearing what's down the line


Some say near the end of time when there's fire in the sky
Some will go on planting their gardens, just digging till they die
Some folks live in fall out shelters and wonder who's alive
Some think that their better off and they try not to die


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