Ran Out of Tears

I ran out of dope, I ran out of time
I ran out of money, could you spare a dime
I didn't waste it on drugs, I didn't waste it on beer
I gave it to my friend who ran out of tears

Could you use my patience, could you use my hope
Could you use my love, could you use my rope
Would you rather have thoughts, or would you rather have prayers
Shouting from the mountain tops or just a whisper in your ear

Thunder is like the messenger who always wakes me up
Love is like the rain that always fills the cup

Did you like the movie when we didn't go
Did you like the pain I seem to put you through
Did you like the dinner I always said I'd do
Did you like the things I thought thinking of you

When it's almost winter, deep in the fall
I hope your love will find me somewhere in the thaw
I hear you loud and clear, my answer is true
I know I'll never find another woman like you

From The Album
Ill See You Again
American Rural Records