Repo Outlet Mall

We used to live behind the hill at 30 heavens drive
In a single wide with the hitch removed and some skirting on the side
They took it all away the day the banker came to call
Now it's sitting back on top of the hill at the repo outlet mall
First they took the sliding door and then they took the step
Then they turned the cable off and them we kind of wept
Then they took the t.v. but they handled it with care

Then they put the hitch back on and hauled her out of there

Everything we had, everything we owned
Everything we dreamed of went rolling down the road
Everytime we drive down 35 we see it all
And it's sitting back on top of the hill at the repo outlet mall

They talked us into buying what they knew we couldn't afford
Easy credit, easy payments, no money down...
We'll even push it down to the bottom of the hill for you
Before we knew it, we looked down at that paper
And our signatures were already on it
What's done is done and that's the end of that and there's nothing we can do
"Revenge is mine" said the Lord and I believe it's true
We couldn't even find the hitch, we couldn't find nothing at all
When that funnel cloud descended on the repo outlet mall

Everything we had, scattered everywhere
Everything we dreamed of went flying through the air
When we drive down 35 it doesn't bother us at all
We can still look up at the top of the hill
'Cause there's no repo outlet mall

From The Album
Standing In Your Way
American Rural Records