Remorse Waltz

Just like the cat when I just lay around
The dogs in the yard barking but I don't hear a sound
And the whistle at noon I can't tell when it rings
Since you said goodbye well I don't hear a thing

So I followed you home the first couple of weeks

Till that old truck broke down at the end of your street
And I know you don't care, it's a long walk back home
But I know it aint fair you don't say what went wrong

Chorus: I wish you'd done something to just make me mad
Something to lose track of the feelings I had
'Cause I can't forget how I felt when you'd say
Take me down to the river (x2), take me down to the river tonight

Now I feel like a fool and I mumble your name
My friends all make fun, said they all had their way
And I thought there was something, but I was only your friend
I would have gave anything if we'd been more than that

And I can't deny the pleasure of sin
But I was looking for more than what you had to give
I know you don't mean to treat me unkind
'Cause we're all only looking just to have a good time

From The Album
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American Rural Records

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