Price of Progress

Some people have the nerve to say you get what you deserve
I'm the forth generation now to put my back to this mule and plow
We have always found a way, to stand tall or kneel and pray

In the spring of 38 a man came from the TVA, said your gonna have to leave from here
We're gonna build a dam next year, your old farm and valley too
Will be a lake so clear and blue

The dam was finished up last week, the water makes it silent creep
Yesterday my grand dads grave was covered up like Pharos slaves
The porch step by evenings end, forever we'll be flooded in

They think that I'm a crazy fool to sit and wait so calm and cool
And watch the water slowly rise, through these tired and world worn eyes
But they don't know that late tonight, I'm gonna plug that dam with dynamite

By Kind Permission Of Jason Ringenberg
Jason Ringenberg Music, BMI
Admin Bug Music
All Rights Reserved

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