Pass Me By

Every things gonna have to be different, some things gonna have to change
Is it too late for me now, too late for me now

What I thought that I needed I didn't, what I really needed was a friend
Some one like you, some one like you

Did you ever think that we'd meet, what might have not have ever been
We'd be all alone, all alone, just like the wind

Chorus: You wont pass me by, you won't pass me by
No you wont pass me by

When we went to the county fair, you said something in my ear
What I know now, what I know now

Then they lit up a rocket, shot a man straight out of a gun
Filled up the sky, filled up the sky, just like the wind

So when you look at the whole big picture, seems nothings all that clear
Just you and I, just you and I, you make it all right


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