No Easy Way to Go

I can still recall the day the man came up the walk
And told us there'd been an accident
Better call an ambulance. yeah, looks pretty bad,
That's all he said, and then he drove away

Ma could hardly make the call, the tears were rolling down

She knew it when he knocked on the door
Then we drove on down that road, to see what had happened
We saw dad's truck. ma said wait here in the car

Chorus: well your windshield might get cracked
When the rocks fly off the tires
But you got to keep your eyes on the road
'Cause there's no easy way to go

Who's gonna run the land? he just started planting when...
Who knows how far he got
How you gonna pay the bill? how you gonna feed those kids?
You know how neighbors talk

It's funny how dreams can fill with rage
You gotta start living day to day
It probably shouldn't have turned out the way you planned
But every acre is still around; they never let his dream slip away
It's funny how dirt could mean so much

From The Album
Standing In Your Way
American Rural Records