Learned by Now

We didn't hang out at the beach, we didn't hang out with that crowd
We were always caught behind the barn when ma came out the door
Yellin' hey, what are you boys doin'

So my buddy, al and me, we drove back into town
Sparked a number on the way, wishbone ash was turned up loud
I said hey, man, watch where you're goin'

Chorus: we never really missed those days we didn't see no reason
To change the way we're runnin' 'round
But at 40 years old they say we should have learned by now

Most everybody that we knew grew up and really made a fuss
Tried to substantiate their lives by making fun of all of us
I said hey, well who's right or wrong

We all try our best to leave some mark before we give up the ghost
But success has lost its meaning when it means who died with the most
I said hey, i'm just aking my time


From The Album
One For The Crow
American Rural Records