It's All You

Always seems there's something, getting on my nerves
I'd like to run away in a buffalo herd
But it's hard running, and where you gonna go
Take me out to pasture in the ice and snow

Chorus: Days when you're hanging out and starring at the sun
Worried about the things that'll probably never come
Nights when you're hanging out and looking at the stars
It's all day, and all night, it's all you

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer
The fact of the matter is I haven't even started
Lately you've been worried I can see it in your face
The lines are getting deeper and there showing up on me



Maybe we should take off to places that we've been
Make sure that we never want to go there again
I sure had a good time, hanging on the wall
It doesn't seem like they'll remember us at all


By Mark Jungers & Adam Carroll
Gypsy Shuffler Music, BMI
All Rights Reserved

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