How Long

It was raining to the east and you could see that wall of water move to town
it didn't flood but nonetheless that water just kept on coming down
they say that it was on that night joe's shot down to the floor
his gamblin' days are over but his soul cried out for more

How long can I be denied

He'd just got back from 2 weeks out, got lucky once, and stole a winning hand
but if the winnings didn't elude him, the money just slipped through his fingers like it was sand
but that night was his lucky night, he thought there's nothing they can do
but never take for granted someone who feels lucky just like you

Joe laid there on the floor with the tip jar for the band up by his head
he was going for it all but was laid down with a bullet in his back
with only 2 bucks in the tip jar, the band just played on
so the dealer grabbed the money and joe's girl by the arm, saying

So the moral of this story, i'm sure you're just a bout to figure out
it aint who gets the money and it sure aint the way that joe hit the ground
but it might just be about all of us, with nothing more to do,
than stare at one another and figure they're better off than you

From The Album
Standing In Your Way
American Rural Records