Guns and Dust

Charlie was a local boy with nothing left to lose
Jody was the girl of choice that charlie'd always chose
They say he tried his best to find a job with decent pay
But things were tough all over, dealing dope became his trade

They always had some money but soon charlie could care less
Jody pled lets let it go and leave here with the best
But it's hard to leave a good thing when you finally start to win
Jody finally went her way but charlie never quit

Chorus: with his guns and dust, another small town bust
Had 'em runnin' 'round in circles, now you're runnin' out of luck
And I know it aint my place to say, to take some time and hide away
From these guns and dust bowl blues

No one seemed to blame him , they say its all that he was taught
Till another dope deal gone bad and then one day he got caught
With his steely eyes at midnight but he just couldn't seem to see
And the wind was loud and cold like his lonely lover's plea

Well the cops were all around with the first shot ringing loud
Charlie took one in the leg that put him on the ground
But no one saw where charlie fell and its probably just as well
Cause it don't really matter, now its all blown to hell

Chorus, 2 times

From The Album
One For The Crow
American Rural Records