As I was riding down that highway
A long train pulled up on the side
New york city standing there before me
Aint seen the last of either one of them yet

If you have fences, they'll need some mending
Anyone knows that's the way it's always been
I see the grain fields waving to the ocean
And the ocean waving in my new found friend

Chorus: I see the stars sewn into a blue sky
I see the red and white when it blows
I see the pride in the people down below her
But I aint seen the last of 'em yet

The price of freedom, the price of freedom
Is there anything somebody hasn't paid
I see old glory and she's standing all around me
But I aint seen the last of her yet

When I look down from the purple mountains
And see the tops of the redwoods to the west
My words can't tell you this overwhelming feeling
I can't believe just how much we've all been blessed

From The Album
One For The Crow
American Rural Records