Everybody Knows But Me

I hear them talking every time I go down town
It's the things your friends are saying when they don't think I'm around
Glory hallelujah I find it hard to believe
Thought I heard it wrong the first time
Seems everybody knows but me

I don't recall what I was doing the day you said good-bye
But I do remember saying you shouldn't be texting when you drive
Darlin oh darlin I guess you set your heart free
The only thing that's puzzling is the fact
That everybody knew but me

Now you gotta a new love baby, now you gotta go
You've got a real strange way of telling me things you don't want me to know
Lordi Oh Lordi I swear I saw it all on TV
You told everyone in town
'cause everybody knows but me

From The Album
Ill See You Again
American Rural Records