I'm sure that corn won't amount to much
I'm sure that corn has worms on the stock
But i'm sure that corn, it'll do what it can
And if it don't pay the bills, we'll be selling off this land

Chorus: but I'll damn sure try to give her all I can
You know it aint the money that keeps me hangin' 'round
And I'll dig forever, try to win that losin' lot
But it don't mean nothin if your heart aint in the cost

Look at that wheat just wavin' on the hill
Look at that wheat, it hardly even tried
Look at those dreams, they'll do what they can
But it aint rained for weeks, nobody can remember the last time


Look at those kids just playin' in the grass
Look at those kids, they got nothin' left but time
But look at those kids, two rooms made of plywood
You gotta hope all those kids will stand up and try

From The Album
One For The Crow
American Rural Records