Driving to drive, feeling to feel
One foot on the gas, one hand on the wheel
Pulling the weight, seems you never slow down
Driving to drive, from your side of town

Could you tell me some stories, from out on the road
Could you sell me some cocaine, could you finish the show
We don't have enough songs, and they don't seem to care
Driving to drive, and getting nowhere


Driving to drive feeling like you do
They don't answer your emails they don't provide any clues
So you keep it on empty, when you drive like you do
Driving too slow feeling a fool

Well a fool will have many days in the sun
And a person is only what they have become
Pointing out the obvious when you're feeling low
Driving to drive just stay on the road


Driving to drive and feeling the end
Sometimes you might find you just got caught in the wind
So just roll down that hill 'cause that's what you do
Driving to drive, driving to drive, driving to drive
Driving to drive, driving to drive

From The Album
More Like A Good Dog Than A Bad Cat
American Rural Records