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In life and in art, Mark Jungers is a reality dealer. A trailblazing Americana singer, songwriter and musician with By God sod busting roots, Jungers lays out the perils, the pitfalls and the pleasures of life in equal measure. And, accompanied by a like-minded music-making crew, Jungers uses a mixture of country, folk, rock and more to get that reality across with soul, conviction and a solid backbeat.

Jim Beal Jr freelance music journalist
KSYM Third Coast Music Network DJ

"As I put together my end-of-year top-ten-favorites list Jungers' was there...If I said that One For the Crow, the follow-up to Standing in Your Way, was more of the same it would be a compliment of the highest order." by Al Kunz

"refreshing and spirited. Dusty songs punctuated by harmonica, mandolin and fiddle, tales of every day folks and misadventures. This one's perfect for a long drive." by Michael Meehan

"Aside from Mark's already proven strong songwriting and his passionate, honest delivery, what sets him apart is that he, along with The Whistling Mules, have created a unique sound that's stands out from anything else around. The playing is not only tight and energetic, but their use of instruments is brilliantly creative." by AnnMarie Harrington

"...anyone into great songwriting with an equal mix of folk, country and rock is going to like this CD a whole helluva lot!" by Scott Homewood

"...this is real, honest-to-God Texas Music. The swill that shallow, banal, drink-beer-till-you-puke posers call "Texas Music" is not the same thing at all...You can hear the similar musical roots between these tunes and that country-pop goop, but where they are caricature at best, this has the energy without being frantic, this is a respectable derivation and not a warped mirror." by Bill Groll

"...Mark Jungers has lived the songs he writes and sings, which makes both Mark and his songs genuine, a man that truly knows what he's singing about. His humor that pops up throughout his weighty subject matter is deliciously dark, and his lyrics are intelligent, thoughtful and thought provoking. This is the type of music adults can easily relate to, and that's exactly what Mark has provided with Standing In Your Way, music for adults." by AnnMarie Harrington

"...first rate songwriting and unique blend of vocal stylings and instrumentation .... Standing In Your Way also captures the essence of Jungers' highly entertaining live shows...covers all the basics for the true Americana music fan...Standing In Your Way provides the listener with a collection of wonderful stories, told by an artist who has further established himself as one hell of a story-teller." by Will Martin

"...Mark Jungers is something of an aberration in the recently rediscovered world of Americana - genuine...Mark Jungers deals with serious matters of loss, despair, hopelessness, fear and, in at least one instance, murder, but he does so without devolving into the realms of trite angst or romanticism. This is music for adults by an adult, so if you're not afraid of a little unvarnished reality, pick up Standing in Your Way and ...Don't worry about getting a little dirt on your hands..." by Jud Block

"Not your typical Texan... On the follow-up to their first effort (Black Limousine), Standing In Your Way, Mark Jungers and his band manage to sound at once very Texan and yet miles away from what's hot in the Texas Music Chart for the moment. His rural roots, time on the road and knowledge of life function as a backbone for his songs. We get twelve of them here, plus one well-chosen cover, particularly "Knoxville Girl".Jungers' music is a real melting-pot of bluegrass, rock and folk. And his voice has to be situated somewhere between those of Robert Earl Keen, Steve Earle, Jack Ingram and Bob Dylan. With the latter for that matter he seems to be sharing a predilection for the use of the harmonica. His songs are shining like 24 carat diamonds. Especially "No Easy Way To Go" (about his father's death and the way the family dealt with it), "Going Nowhere" (about a quest for "the right place to be")and "Sentimental Guy" (about the importance of farmers in today's society). Conclusion: Standing In Your Way is by far the strongest effort to reach us from Texas recently! Five stars!"

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